My account is on hold and I don't know why.

My account is on hold. I don't know why. Help!

First steps

If your account is on hold and you are not sure why please first be sure to check your email, including your spam folder(s). You may have received an email with more information on the hold you are experiencing.

Otherwise, please submit a support ticket of the type Account Issue and choose Reactivate Account from the second drop down.

Please note: Some holds will allow you to access your account's support portal, and some will not. If you cannot access your account's support portal please submit a guest ticket by choosing the Continue as Guest option.

I checked my email and I need to pay a past due balance, or I was given an account warning, suspension, or termination I do not agree with.

For more information on any billing related account holds, and how to resolve a past due amount, please refer to our article here.

If you were given an account warning, suspension, or termination that you do not agree with, the process is slightly different. Please refer to our article on that process here.

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