I can't access adult land and content.

Maturity Ratings in Second Life

Land and other content in Second Life is rated General (G), Moderate (M), or Adult (A). By default, new Residents aged 18 or older have access to General (G) and Moderate (M) content, and Residents aged 16 or 17 have access to General (G) content. See Maturity ratings for more information about Second Life's rating system.

If you are 18 years or older, you may access adult content after enabling it in your viewer preferences.

How to change your preferences to view adult content

Even if you are 18 or older, you still need to opt in to view adult content.  Log into the Second Life viewer, then follow these steps to set your maturity preferences:

  1. Choose Me > Preferences (or Ctrl+P) and click the General tab.
  2. Choose General, Moderate, Adult from the I want to access content rated: dropdown menu.
  3. Click OK.

Congratulations! You may now visit any publicly accessible land in Second Life, regardless of its maturity rating.

If your preferences are not set to allow adult content and you attempt to enter an adult-rated parcel or region, you receive a prompt allowing you to either cancel the teleport or instantly update your access preferences to General, Moderate, Adult.
There is the option of accessing adult content in Second Life search as well as the Marketplace. You can manually change results settings on each of their respective webpages.

If you continue to experience any trouble accessing adult land or content, please contact support for further assistance!

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