SecondLifeTime Premium & SecondLifeTime Premium Plus

SecondLifeTime Premium and SecondLifeTime Premium Plus are no longer available at this time. Thank you for your interest!


What are SecondLifeTime Premium and SecondLifeTime Premium Plus?

For Second Life's 20th birthday, we will be offering a limited number of lifetime memberships for both Premium and Premium Plus! This will give Residents who upgrade to this membership type the benefits of a Premium or Premium Plus membership for the lifetime of their account! You can see a comprehensive list of what Premium and Premium Plus membership benefits are in our Knowledge Base article here. Memberships are being granted on a first come first serve basis.

How much does each membership cost?

SecondLifeTime Premium memberships cost $749.00 at the time of upgrade.

SecondLifeTime Premium Plus memberships cost $1,749.00 at the time of upgrade.

How do I upgrade to a SecondLifeTime membership?

Because this is a limited time offer, we are taking requests to upgrade to lifetime memberships via support ticket, rather than upgrading from the Second Life dashboard with recurring memberships. To do so: 

  • Click the orange Submit A Ticket button on the top right of any page of this support portal, and sign in if you have not already. 
  • In the support ticket form, select the ticket type Account Issue, and choose Request SecondLifetime Premium Account from the second drop down that appears.
  • Select which membership type you would like - SecondLifeTime Premium or SecondLifeTime Premium Plus.
  • Check the box that says, "I accept the fee." This will allow your membership to be processed as quickly as possible! SecondLifeTime Premium Plus incurs a fee of $1,749.00, while SecondLifeTime Premium incurs a fee of $749.00.
  • Fill out any additional necessary details in the description section, and click Submit.

Please allow up to 10 business days for SecondLifeTime membership support ticket requests to be processed. We will be fulfilling requests as quickly as possible.

SecondLifeTime memberships are being granted on a first come first serve basis. Because there are a limited number of each membership type, submitting a support ticket is not a guarantee that a request for a SecondLifeTime membership will be able to be granted. 


How many memberships are available?

We are offering a limit of 200 SecondLifeTime Premium memberships, and 20 SecondLifeTime Premium Plus memberships. These will be granted on a first come first serve basis.

Does this really mean I have my membership for life? I won't have to pay again even if I cancel my account?

Yes! Even if you cancel, should you reactivate your account you will have a SecondLifeTime membership still.

What if I just paid for a monthly/quarterly/annual membership?

If you have paid for your membership quite recently, we may be able to help! These will be reviewed on a case by case basis, so please be sure to mention your recent renewal or upgrade in the support ticket you submit!

What if I paid for SecondLifeTime Premium, and I later want to upgrade to Premium Plus?

SecondLifeTime Premium memberships may not be eligible to upgrade to a higher premium membership plan. If you wish to upgrade from a SecondLifeTime Premium membership, please submit a support ticket to review what options are available to you with one of our wonderful support agents!

Can I downgrade my SecondLifeTime Premium or SecondLifeTime Premium Plus account to a Plus or Basic membership?

These memberships will not be available to downgrade. Your SecondLifeTime membership will become the base level of membership that your account holds for the remainder of it's lifetime.

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