Premium Membership Benefits

Premium membership provides the following benefits:

  • Your own private Linden Home
  • Linden dollar rewards
  • Exclusive virtual goods
  • Premium-only sandboxes
  • Live chat support
  • The right to own mainland parcels in popular areas
  • Immediate access to adult-only areas
  • Increased number of group memberships
  • Preferred access to highly populated regions, utilizing increased region capacity
  • Access to premium-only events and experiences
  • Voice morphing
  • Increased cap on missed IMs
  • 90-Day L$ Transaction History

Upgrading to a premium account

To upgrade from basic to premium membership:

  1. Log into the Second Life website.
  2. On the left side of the screen, click Premium Membership
  3. The Change Membership Plan screen opens, displaying a chart of Membership plans and prices.
  4. Select Premium (choose from Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual billing options).
  5. Click Save Changes. Your new plan becomes effective at your next billing date.
KBnote.pngNote: As a Premium member, you get a one-time bonus of L$1000 and receive a weekly stipend of $L300 and a 512 square meter premium tier bonus.  You may only receive the L$1000 upgrade bonus once per account.

Linden Homes

Linden Homes are ready-to-move-in homes that belong to a themed community and are available only to premium account members.

KBnote.pngNote: Linden Homes are available only to users at least 18 years old.

For more information on Linden Homes, see:

Linden dollar rewards

As a premium member,  you get a sign-up bonus and a weekly stipend of Linden dollars.

Sign-up bonus

When you register for a premium account, you get a sign-up bonus of L$1,000, deposited directly into your Second Life account once your premium membership has been active for 45 consecutive days.

Weekly Linden dollar rewards (stipend)

As a premium member, you receive a weekly stipend of L$300, whether you log in or not. Stipends are paid every week by an automated process that runs on Tuesdays (PT).

Payments are based on information gathered from the database as of the preceding Monday. For example:

  • If you create a premium account on Monday, April 14, you will receive your first stipend on Tuesday, April 15.
  • If you create a premium account on Tuesday, April 15, you will receive your first stipend on Tuesday, April 22.
KBnote.pngNote:Stipend payments may appear late in the day on Tuesdays or possibly not until Wednesday.

Stipends for old accounts

The stipend amount for older accounts depends on what type of account you have and its age.

Premium accounts created or upgraded from basic:

  • On or after November 1, 2006 receive L$300 per week.
  • Between July 21, 2006 and November 1, 2006 receive L$400 per week.
  • Before July 21, 2006 receive L$500 per week.

Certain old basic accounts get a stipend; basic accounts created

  • Before June 6, 2006 receive a stipend of L$50 per week, if they log in that week.
  • After June 6, 2006 do not receive a weekly stipend.

Premium virtual goods (gifts)

As a premium member, you periodically get an premium virtual good as a benefit. The premium virtual goods are designed by Residents commissioned by Linden Lab. 

How to get your premium virtual good

To get your premium virtual good, go to one of the inworld vending kiosks listed in the Second Life Destination Guide:  If you are logged in to the website, go to instead.

To use one of the kiosks:

  1. Right-click the kiosk.
  2. Choose Buy. NOTE:You won't be charged—the item is free for premium account holders.

The item will then be transferred to your inventory.

The inworld vending kiosks only provide the latest premium virtual good. You cannot get older ones.

Object permissions on premium virtual goods

Premium  virtual goods are no modify, no transfer, copy, meaning you can make copies but cannot modify or transfer the items.

For general information on object permissions, see Object permissions.

How to get help for premium virtual goods

Premium virtual goods are commissioned by Linden Lab and designed by Residents.  Please do not contact the creator for support.  Each premium virtual good comes with an FAQ notecard to help you get started and answer common questions.  

If you still have an unanswered question, email  We will update the notecard as needed, but cannot provide individual responses.

Frequently asked questions

I didn't receive the previous virtual good, and the kiosk only provides the most recent one. Can I get the one I missed?

No, the premium gift vending kiosks only provide the current premium virtual goods. 

Can I take multiple copies of a good from the kiosk?

Yes! As a premium member, you can take as many copies of the premium virtual good as you like.

I accidentially deleted my premium virtual good. Can I get it back?

Yes. As long as the next premium virtual good has not been distributed, you can get it from an inworld kiosk.

Premium sandboxes

A sandbox is an area put aside for building practice. Much like real sandboxes and conceptual sandbox games, these are spaces of creativity and chaos.  For more information on sandboxes, see Building tips.

Several sandboxes exist for specific purposes—such as the Weapons Testing Sandbox—but the majority are simply for regular building.  Signs within each sandbox area make it clear what kind of activities are allowed there.

Sandboxes usually have auto-return enabled to clean themselves several times a day; look for auto-clean information before building, so you aren't caught by surprise. Since sandboxes are experimental, they may also be unstable—be sure to take regular inventory backups of anything that's important.

Premium sandboxes are accessible only to Residents with premium membership.  Each sandbox is made up of four regions. Generally, there is one sandbox per Linden Home continent.  

Find the premium sandboxes through the Second Life Destination Guide:

Other premium benefits

Premium membership also provide additional benefits!

Live chat support

Residents with premium accounts may initiate a live chat for support issues via the support portal. Basic accounts do not qualify for this kind of support.

Right to own land in popular mainland areas

Residents with a premium account can buy mainland parcels and need to pay a monthly tier when their land exceeds 512m².  For more information, see Land Use Fees.  

The mainland is the largest connected land-mass in Second Life, consisting of hundreds of regions connected to one another with roads, railroads and open oceans.  Being a premium member is a prerequisite for owning mainland parcels.

Immediate access to adult-only areas

Linden homes and some adult areas are accessible only to those 18 years and older. If you are 18 years or older when you sign-up for a premium membership you will automatically have access to these areas. For more information, see Age-restricted content and Accessing Adult land and content.

Increased number of group memberships

Residents with a premium account may be a member of up to 60 groups at a time.  Basic accounts may only join up to 42 groups.

Preferred access to highly populated regions

Regions in Second Life have a bonus capacity to allow region owners, estate managers, and Residents with Premium accounts to enter an otherwise full Region. The default limit on the number of avatars allowed in a region is as follows:

  • Full Regions support an extra 10% (100 to 110)
  • Homesteads support an extra 25% (20 to 25)
  • Open Spaces support an extra 20% (10 to 12)

For full details on access to bonus region capacity, see Improved Region Capacity and Access on the Second Life Blog.

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