I want to reactivate my account.

In many cases, you can now use our self service reactivation tool to reactivate your account! To do so, simply visit secondlife.com and attempt to sign in! If you are eligible, you will automatically be redirected to the self service reactivation option. If not, never fear! Simply submit a support ticket!

Even if your account is restored, the associated inventory, land, and Linden dollar balance may be unrecoverable.

To start the process of reactivation:

  1. Open a support ticket.
  2. Under Issue Type choose Account Issue.
  3. This will create a new drop down menu labeled Account Issue. Choose Reactivate Account.
  4. Enter the required information, most especially the Avatar Name.
  5. Click Submit.

You should receive an email confirmation that your ticket was created, as well as once you receive a response. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

Don't see what you need here? Feel free to check out our expanded Knowledge Base article!

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