I don't want my account profile to show in search.

Some of us prefer to keep our Profile Feed out of the Second Life in world search. If this applies to you, you may do so in the official Second Life viewer using the following directions :

  • In the viewer's menu at the top, select Me >Preferences.
  • Select the Privacy tab.
  • Uncheck "Show my profile info in the Search results."
  • In the viewer's menu at the top select Me > Profile.
  • In the Profile window, please select the Settings Wheel on the left.
  • Once in the settings window, select the Privacy tab at the top.

  • In the Privacy tab, please change your Feed setting to either Friends or Nobody. While there are multiple setting options on this page, the Feed setting handles your profile overall.

This will remove you from the Second Life search for anyone who is not already your friend, or for everyone depending on which setting you choose.

Please note: This change will remove you from Second Life's in world search; however, it will not remove your profile from external search engines. Even though the settings may hide the profile itself when visited, the profile will still exist in search engine results.

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