Where/how do I get my 1024sqm Bonus Land?

As many of you may have already seen, we have made some exciting new changes to our mainland tier allotment, pricing, and Premium Membership bonus land allotments!

Some of you may be wondering, "OK, so where and how do I get my 1024 square meter bonus land?" First, let's address a couple of common questions!

  • Is the price of my land included with my Premium Membership?
    Yes and no. Monthly maintenance fees are included with your Premium Membership subscription. All mainland incurs an initial purchase cost, and monthly maintenance fees. With your Premium Membership bonus you do pay the initial cost of purchasing the parcel, but you do not pay any monthly maintenance fees for the first 1024 square meters acquired.
  • Do I get 1024sqm in addition to my Linden Home?
    Not exactly! Linden Homes take up an area of 512sqm. As such, with your Premium Membership subscription you are welcome to either keep your Linden Home and acquire an additional 512sqm, OR you may simply acquire a 1024sqm parcel with no Linden Home.
  • If I abandon my 512sqm Linden Home and choose a new one, will my Linden Home be 1024sqm?
    No. At this time, Linden Homes will still occupy an area of 512sqm.
  • Is my land impact increasing at my Linden Home's location?
    No, it is not; however, the land impact of a 1024sqm parcel is larger than that of a 512sqm parcel should you choose to forego a Linden Home for the full 1024sqm parcel of land!

Now for the exciting part - choosing your parcel!

There are a few ways that you may choose a parcel of mainland.

  • Second Life Auction
    You can bid on mainland parcels in the Second Life auction! You may find the auction here: https://usd.auctions.secondlife.com/. For more detailed information, please see our Auction FAQ!
  • Abandoned Land
    If you find an abandoned parcel of land that you would like to purchase directly, and is not already listed as For Sale, please submit a support ticket under the type Land & Region > Land/Parcel Issues. Be sure to include the SLurl for the parcel that you would like to purchase. You may see a delay of a few days in response time for the time being - this is normal!
    Please note: If you do not have a solid claim to the parcel (see this Knowledge Base article), we will try to make the land available via auction or abandoned land sale.  There are some cases where we may not be able to make abandoned land available for direct sale.
  • In-world Listings
    You may wish to purchase a parcel directly from another resident. These can be found in the Search function of your viewer. Select the Land & Rentals tab, and then View All Land & Rentals. Here you can filter your results to find exactly what you'd like! For more detailed picto-tutorial, please see below.

For more information regarding the recent changes for our mainland pricing and allotment, please see our blog article:


For detailed pricing and allotment comparison for the new changes, please see our Knowledge Base article:


Using In-world listings to find and purchase a parcel

For anyone who is a first time buyer and has no exposure to finding a parcel and purchasing it, we are here for you! This step-by-step guide should help to guide you through the process!

  • In the viewer, bring up the Search function (Ctrl+F, or the magnifying glass). Once this page has been brought up, feel free to enter a search term. Alternately you may just wish to select the Land & Rentals tab, and then select View All Land & Rentals.
  • Once the search results come up, to the left of the page you will have the option to filter your results. You want to be sure to specify For Sale and the type Mainland, as well as optionally an area/size or price. For this example, as the new Premium Membership bonus is 1024sqm, we have chosen an an area of 1024. Click Go (or press enter on your keyboard) to apply your changes.
  • When your search results pop up, click one that you are interested in. This will show the details of the sale, such as the location, price, size, and maturity rating. I also recommend checking out the location to see how you like it!

  • Once you have decided upon a parcel, teleport to the location. You may then purchase the parcel by right clicking and selecting Buy This Land:
    Alternatively you may go to World > About Land and in the General tab, select Buy Land.

  • Selecting to buy the land will bring up a confirmation page. This will provide all of the information about the parcel itself, as well it will inform you if the purchase will change the "tier," or land use bracket, that you are currently in, as well as if it will change any monthly maintenance fees that you will incur! Once you have reviewed this page and would like to confirm your purchase, select Purchase at the very bottom.

Happy Hunting!

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