How do I get a second generation Linden Home?

If you hold a Premium or Premium Plus Membership, one of the perks available is access to one of our Linden Homes! You can acquire one of the newest generations of Linden Homes at the same location where you would get one of the older generations:

Note: You must have at least 512sqm of tier available to you. For many of the second generation themes you must have 1024 sqm available to you. Some, such as the camper theme, do offer 512 sqm options.

Note: Linden Homes are not currently available for Basic or Plus Membership holders.

I don't see the new themes listed. Why?

Linden Homes of all themes are first come first serve. As such, unfortunately if you do not see the theme you are looking for in the drop down menu all homes of that type are currently occupied. We are very sorry about that! If you do not see any of the themes you'd prefer at this time, we recommend checking back again in a day or two. Please see the following section for more information on our current release schedule.

When is the next release?

Due to their high demand, we are releasing new batches of second generation homes as quickly as possible. This results in a full region release every few days, with the exception of the weekends.

Please note: There is not a set time of day during which the homes may be released, and these smaller releases are not announced ahead of time. Larger releases will be announced on our forum post here. Please feel free to follow this post for email updates as announcements are made!

Feel free to check out our expanded Knowledge Base article here!

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