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Transferring Private Regions 

KBcaution.pngImportant: If the buyer's payment fails for any reason, then the transfer is cancelled and no action is taken. Both Second Life accounts must be in good standing for the transfer to take place.

Linden Lab can perform Resident-to-Resident transfers of Private Regions (islands), but both buyer and seller need to agree on a price. Both buyer and seller must submit support tickets, via the Support Portal, naming the region to be transferred and the transaction amount agreed upon in either U.S. dollars (USD) or Linden dollars (L$). Both sides also have to confirm other details about the region being transferred. We can rename the Private Region and move it from its original location at the time of the transfer for no additional cost. Please include these requests in the buyer's transfer ticket.

Either party can cancel the transfer by closing out their ticket prior to the transfer being performed.

Here's how to submit a ticket:

  1. Go to the Support Portal and log in with your Second Life account.
  2. Open a new support case.
  3. Under What type of problem are you having? select Land & Region.
  4. Under Land & Region, choose Initiate Region Sale or Initiate Region Purchase as appropriate.
  5. Complete the other required fields. The information must be consistent for both the buyer and seller tickets.
  6. When all the details have been entered, scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

If both tickets match (that is, they state the same details and value), we charge the buyer's Second Life account in either USD or L$, as specified in the tickets. Once the charge goes through, we credit the seller the same amount minus the transfer fee.

KBnote.pngNote: Buyers using PayPal need to have their PayPal agreements set to a high enough spending limit. By default PayPal limits are relatively low.

Private Region transfers usually take 5-10 business days from the time both tickets are received. 

Transfer fees

There is a transfer fee per region, debited from the seller's account, which pays for backend work by Linden Lab, including:

  • Changing estate ownership settings
  • Billing transfer
  • Region name change
  • Moving the region

The fee amount depends upon the type of region being transferred, and whether it will maintain its Grandfathered pricing status, if applicable: 

Region TypeMaintain Grandfathered Pricing?Transfer Fee
Full IslandYes$300
Full IslandNo$100
Homestead IslandYes$150
Homestead IslandNo$100
Openspace IslandNot Applicable$100

Monthly billing

The new owner assumes the monthly billing, which is charged on the same day of the month as always. Private Regions, unlike the mainland, bill for the coming month. If the Private Region bills on the 12th of the month, it will continue to bill on the 12th of the month. This means that if the Private Region is transferred on the 14th, the current owner pays for that month. If the Private Region is transferred on the 10th, the new owner pays the fee for the month.

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