I need to cancel my private region.

I need to cancel my private region. How can I do that?

In order to cancel your private region, we do require specific notice via support ticket. 

Simply removing your on file payment method or abandoning the parcel in world will not result in your region being taken offline. This will only result in accrued past due maintenance fee charges. This may result in your account being held until the fees have been payed.

Submit A Ticket!

Please submit a support ticket of the type Land & Region and choose Cancel Region from the second drop down. Be sure to include the following information:

  • The region name
  • The date of cancellation
  • The reason for cancellation

Private region maintenance fees cover the month ahead. In order to be sure you are able to take full advantage of the month already paid for as well as avoiding additional charges, we recommend scheduling the cancellation date for the day before your next billing date. i.e. If you are set to be billed for January 2nd, we recommend setting your cancellation date for January 1st. 

As a reminder, homestead regions cannot be supported without the ownership of at least one full region. If you are planning to cancel your only remaining full region you will need to be sure to organize for any remaining homesteads to be cancelled or transferred out of your ownership as well.

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