I need to request a rollback!

Rollbacks incur a fee of $25.00.
Mainland is not eligible for rollbacks.
We cannot roll back inventories or avatars.
Rollbacks are reserved for emergency situations only and are performed at our discretion. A rollback may be denied at any time.

Submit A Ticket!

Regions can be rolled back a maximum of 72 from the time the request is submitted. If you think you need a rollback please submit a request as soon as possible. Additionally, Estate Managers and Estate Owners alike can request rollbacks; however, whoever requests it is the one who must pay the fee. Typically only EOs will want to do this, but we can provide the service for EMs if they wish to pay the $25.00 fee themselves.

To request a rollback, submit a support ticket of the type Land & Region, and choose Rollback Request from the second drop down. You must be sure to include the following:

  • Region name
  • Last known good date and time (Please use PST)
  • The number of objects affected
  • What happened?

Some things to consider...

When we perform a rollback, we set the estate back to the exact state it was in at or near the time requested, when the nearest backup was made. The backups taken are exact copies of the state of the region at the exact moment it was saved. All changes — everything that has happened between the moment the save happened and now — are lost, undone or reset.

Other unexpected consequences may include:

  • People who are banned become unbanned for all parcels and the estate itself.
  • People granted access suddenly find they are banned.
  • Any land parcel changes are undone.
  • Land sold or abandoned to tier down reverts to the prior owner, potentially pushing that person back over the new tier.
  • Residents lose any land purchased after the backup, along with any content on that land.
  • Recently edited parcel layouts revert to their prior form.
  • Objects placed (rezzed) inworld after the backup are lost. No-copy objects are lost for good.
  • Conversely, no-copy objects rezzed at the time of the backup but subsequently taken back into your Inventory reappear where they were.
  • Any changes to builds themselves are undone: textures are reverted and prims reset to the state they were in at the moment the backup was taken. This may mean that recent tenants lose their prefab or their furniture and that new sale items disappear.
  • Any terraforming that has been done is undone and any recent changes to land textures are lost.
  • Script changes to objects performed after the backup point are lost. Scripted vendors that updated with new content after the backup have those changes removed.

Deliberate use of rollbacks to obtain additional copies of no-copy content can be considered abuse and is dealt with accordingly.

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