My region is offline. Help!

Any time a region is unavailable for more than 20 minutes, please check the Second Life Grid Status. If there are no current reports of maintenance or other issues that would cause the region to be offline please let us know right away as the region may not be alerting us that it is unavailable.

Anyone can let us know that a region is offline. You do not have to be a parcel owner, region owner, or estate manager to do so.

Submit A Ticket!

At any time, please feel free to submit a support ticket to let us know that a region is offline. Please select the type Land & Region, and choose Region Offline from the second drop down. Please be sure to include:

  • The region you are trying to access
  • How you are trying to access it (teleporting, or flying/walking from another region)
  • Any error messages you are receiving while trying to do so.

Visit Live Chat

If it is during support hours - 6 AM SLT/PST to 2 PM SLT/PST, please feel free to visit us in Live Chat to report the offline region. 

Live Chat is only available to Premium and Premium Plus membership holders.

To upgrade at any time, visit!

For more information on other premium membership perks, please see our Knowledge Base article here.

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