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Linden Homes are ready-to-move-in homes in themed communities that are available only to premium account members.




Premium account holders can get a free Linden Home, in addition to the other benefits of premium membership.  For more information, see Premium membership.




Linden Homes come in several themed communities, each with choices of individual homes:


  • Tahoe - Rustic cabin retreats with winding roads among hills and pine forests.

  • Elderglen - Fantasy dwellings with winding roads around hills and giant trees.

  • Sahreta Osumai - Traditional Japanese homes nestled in picturesque areas with mossy rocks and colorful trees.

  • Meadowbrook - California modern suburban homes with decks perfect for barbeques!


Each Linden Home has a land capacity of 117 on a 512 m2 parcel.




Linden Homes contain one or more of the following features, depending on the type of home:


  • Touch entry - Left-click the front door to enter and exit your home.

  • Touch lighting - Click the lights to toggle them on and off.

  • Working fireplace - Click the fireplace to toggle a fire on and off.


You'll also get a control panel that enables you to manage your home accessories and to change the textures used in your home.  For more information, see Using the control panel.


Getting your Linden Home


You can get a Linden Home when you sign up for a premium account, upgrade your basic account to premium, or if you already have a premium account and have not claimed your Linden Home yet.




If you have a premium account and you have 512m2 available tier then you qualify for a Linden Home.  For example, if you have a new premium account — you've just joined Second Life as a premium account or upgraded from a basic account — and haven't changed your land usage, then you have exactly 512m2 of available tier. You can also use tier to buy land on the mainland or rent land on a private estate. 


KBnote.png Note: You don't have to use your premium account 512m2 land tier for a Linden Home.  You can use it instead towards other mainland purchases or you can contribute it to group tier allocations.  Also, if you abandon your Linden Home, you can use your 512m2 tier to buy other mainland parcels. 


Checking if you have enough land tier available


If you don't have any land already in Second Life, then you will always have exactly enough land tier, because each premium account comes with 512m2 of land tier.  There are two ways to check if you have enough available tier:


  • Inworld: From the Viewer menus, choose World > My land holdings.... Your available land tier is listed in Available for land purchases.

  • Website: If you already own land, then you can also check if you have enough land tier on the Second Life website:

    1. Go to Your Account.

    2. On the left side of the page, click Account Summary.

    3. Find the section called Land Holdings

    4. Available square meters for purchase at your current tier is listed under Available for purchase.


Signing up


The Linden Home registration process offers options for theme, home type, and home name. Once you submit your registration, your selected home is immediately generated on the next available parcel within your selected theme. You cannot request a specific region or parcel location.


 New premium accounts


  1. Go to

  2. Complete your registration.

  3. Upgrade to premium as prompted.

  4. Go to Linden Home registration and log in with your Second Life account and password.


 Existing basic accounts


  1. Go to Premium Membership registration and log in with your Second Life account.

  2. Follow the account upgrade process.

  3. Once your account is upgraded to Premium Membership, the page will redirect to Linden Home registration.


 Existing premium accounts


  1. Go to Linden Home registration and log in with your Second Life account and password.

  2. View the four themed communities and home options within each theme.

  3. Click on your preferred home image.

  4. Name your home.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box agreeing to them.

  7. Click Accept.

  8. Review your Linden Home information on the confirmation page.

  9. Click Go to your Home or use the SLurl provided.


KBnote.png Note: Confirmation is sent to the email address you provided to register your Second Life account.




If you didn't receive your email confirmation, be sure to check your email application's spam folder.


It's also possible there has been an error in the email process, and your Linden Home is ready and waiting for you. If your Linden Home is ready, a landmark is sent to you inworld. If there appears to be such a problem, head to the Support Portal and submit a ticket. Identify whether the email did not go through and your home is actually available, or whether there was a problem with the registration process overall.


Finding your Linden Home


Your welcome email will provide the location of  your Linden Home.  If you lost or did not receive your welcome email, then there are two ways to locate your Linden Home:


  • On the Second Life website:

    1. Log in using your Second Life username and password. 

    2. Go to your Account Dashboard.

    3. On the left, click Land Manager.

    4. Click My Mainland.

    5. Look for the name of the Linden Home that you chose when you registered. Click the link in theLocation column to teleport there. 

  • Inworld:

    1. Login to Second Life with the Second Life Viewer

    2. Choose World > My land holdings... 

    3. Select the parcel that matches your chosen Linden Home name.

    4. Click Teleport.
      You will be teleported to your Linden Home. 


Abandoning or changing your Linden Home


To change your choice of Linden Home type, you must abandon your current Linden Home and then register for a new one.


To abandon your Linden Home:


  1. Choose World > About Land and click the General tab.

  2. Click Abandon Land.
    After you confirm your choice, the land is removed from your account.


Now if you wish, you can register for another Linden Home.


32px-KBwarning.png Warning: Please use this reasonably: if you abandon and choose a new Linden Home five times in 24 hours, you are temporarily blocked from choosing another. You will need to wait 24 hours before registering again.


Enjoying your Linden Home


What you can do


You can:


  • Decorate your home with furniture or other items from Second Life Marketplace.

  • Your partner or friends can help you decorate as well. Linden Home parcels work just like any other parcel of land in that regard; who can rez objects on your land depends on the About Land settings.  See Managing land for more information.

  • Customize textures used in your Linden Home via the control panel.  See Using the control panel.


Covenant and restrictions


The covenant describes how you can use Linden Home land. 


To view the covenant, choose World > Region / Estate, then click the Covenant tab or right-click on the ground and choose About Land then click on the COVENANT tab.


You are not allowed to:


  • Terraform Linden Home land, sell it, deed it to a group, join it with another parcel, or divide the land.

  • Modify the structure.  For example, you can not  move or eliminate individual components of your Linden Home such as the fireplace or a window.

  • Move or rotate the structure.  Your Linden Home must remain as it came on its 512m2 parcel.  If you want both a Linden Home and more land for your premium account, you can upgrade on the Land Use Fees page.


KBtip.png Tip: Linden Home land can't be group-owned. But if your personal Resident account is eligible for Linden Home land, you can set the land to a group to collaborate with other group members.


Also, you agree that your Linden Home:


  • Is for residential use only.  Business use of any kind is prohibited, including parcel rental, rental boxes, classified ads or other forms of advertising, and event listings.

  • Will be kept presentable and in-theme.

  • Does not include traffic tracking.

  • Land cannot contain sky boxes, temporary object rezzers, or individual prims beyond the maximum size allowed by the Second Life Viewer build tools.




Living in a community includes courtesy towards your neighbors. Here are some guidelines for etiquette in Linden Home regions:


  • Use local chat say, rather than shout.

  • Adhere to the maturity rating for the Linden Home region you are in.

  • Respect your neighbors' privacy.

  • Review general Second Life etiquette suggestions and incorporate them into your Linden Home experience.


Using the control panel


Each home includes a control panel that enables you to manage your home accessories and to change the textures used.  




The Linden Home control panel is located inside next to the front door.  Simply click to use it.  You will be prompted to confirm loading a web page in your web browser.  


The control panel provides two ways to customize your home's textures:


  • Complete texture sets provide color scheme options for your home. Choose Complete Texture Sets option, then browse through the texture set choices.

  • Home detail textures provide choices for various aspects of the decor, such as walls, trim, windows, and so on.


Accessory controls


Accessory controls provide control over things such as lighting and doors.  The accessory controls vary between home models; for example: 


  • Exterior Lighting - Toggle your exterior lighting.

  • Interior Lighting - Toggle your built-in lighting.

  • Door Locks - Lock your door so that only you (the owner) can click on it to open.

  • Fireplace - Toggle your fireplace flames.


KBnote.png Note: Use of accessory controls are restricted to the Linden Home owner and is not available to group members for Linden Home parcels set to group access.




Texture packs with the building textures for each Linden Home theme are available at the Linden Home infohubs. Resale of textures is prohibited.


Texture pack locations:



Getting help


As a premium account holder, you're eligible for live chat and ticket support from the Support Portal. If you need support for your Linden Home:


  1. Go to the Support Portal and choose Submit a Support Case.

  2. Select Land and Region from the first dropdown menu.

  3. Select Linden Home Issues from the second dropdown menu.

  4. Fill out the required fields; make sure to include as much relevant information as possible when describing your issue.

  5. Click Submit to submit your ticket.


Requesting terraforming of adjoining land


If you require terraforming of nearby land to use your Linden Home's front entryway:


  1. Go to the Support Portal.

  2. Click Contact Support.

  3. Click Submit a Support Case form.

  4. From the dropdown menus, choose:

    1. Land and Region

    2. Linden Home Issues - Terrain or Content

  5. Fill in the rest of the required fields.

  6. Click Submit to submit your ticket.

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