How does Mainland Region Pricing (Tier) work?

The Land Use Fee (also known as a Tier Fee) is a monthly charge in addition to membership fees Premium Membership). Land use fees are billed based on the maximum amount of land held during your previous 30 day billing cycle and is billed at the end of each cycle.

Mainland Tier is calculated as follows:

Total Amount of Mainland Owned + Total of All Group Donations - Premium Discount

You can take this total and compare it to the Land Use Fees Chart here. For example, if the total is 0 or less than you have no Mainland Tier, if the total is above 0 but equal to or below 512 then your monthly mainland tier will be $4, if the total is above 512 but equal to or below 1024 then your mainland tier will be $7 and so on.

Feel free to check out our expanded Knowledge Base article here!

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