I want to purchase abandoned land.

I'd like to purchase abandoned land!

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To request the sale of abandoned land, submit a support ticket of the type Land & Region, and choose Abandoned Land from the second dropdown.  Provide the details of your request. In many cases, we can assist by making a larger or smaller sized parcel available rather than the actual parcel that has been requested. If you require a different size parcel than what is currently available, please request the desired size (in square meters) and provide a SLurl to the parcel's location.

We will attempt to assist with a direct sale to the Resident who has made the request, so please submit a ticket as soon as you are aware of the abandoned location. We attempt to give priority to those who already have land in the region, so please let us know if the request is for neighboring or additional land within the same region. We will try to assist with a direct sale of the abandoned land at a the price of L$1 per square meter.

In some cases, abandoned land may not be eligible for a direct sale. In these cases we will attempt to make the land available for sale via the auction system. Here are some of the reasons that requested land may need to be offered as an auction:

  • The location has a limited amount of abandoned land in the region.
  • The location is neighboring protected land or waterfront.
  • The location is in a themed area such as Bay City, Horizons, or Nautilus.
  • The location offers bonus object use.
  • The location is Adult rated.
  • The location is newly abandoned and not known to be available.

Please note: These are only guidelines; each request is considered on a case-by-case basis and we may not be able to assist by making an abandoned parcel available as a direct sale or auction.


Feel free to check out our expanded Knowledge Base article here!

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