Guidelines for Land Impact Change

Private Region owners have the option to upgrade full Private Regions from 20,000 to 30,000 prims (or downgrade it back from 30,000 prims to 20,000 prims).  

This option is only available for full Private Regions.  Mainland regions, private Homesteads, and private Openspace regions are not eligible to change their land impact.

Pricing for land impact changes

The cost to upgrade a full Region to 30,000 prims is $30 USD per region at the time the upgrade is performed, plus an additional monthly maintenance fee of $30 USD per region per month.  If a region's land impact is upgraded, you must maintain the upgraded status for at least one calendar month.

Downgrading a region back to 20,000 prims also incurs a fee of $30.00 at the time of downgrade.

Monthly Maintenance Fees by Region Type & Prim Count
Full Region Type
20,000 Prims
30,000 Prims
Grandfathered or Bought Down$179.00$209.00
Skill Gaming$345.00$375.00
EDU or Non-Profit$99.00$129.00

*No pro-rating or discounts are permitted for any of the costs listed above.

Requesting land impact changes

To request an upgrade or downgrade of land impact, please submit a support ticket. In the support ticket form, select Land & Region, and select Land Impact Change Request from the second drop down. We will be happy to help as soon as possible!

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