Abandoning Your Land

Abandoned land is a mainland parcel that has been returned to Linden Lab by the previous owner.

How to abandon land

  1. Open the World menu and select About Land. The About Land window opens.
  2. In the General tab of the About Land window, click Abandon Land.

How to tell if land is abandoned

Abandoned land is owned by Governor Linden and contains the term "Abandoned Land" in the parcel name.  The parcel description often includes the name of the previous owner.

Land that is owned by a valid account is not abandoned, even if it appears to be unused.

What happens to abandoned land?

When a mainland parcel is abandoned, the ownership of the parcel changes to Governor Linden.  There is no Linden dollar (L$) grant related to abandoned land.  Once abandoned, the parcel settings are amended to reflect the abandoned status and auto-return settings are enabled after one week.

Note: This program applies only to Linden-owned Mainland areas and does not include Private Regions.

I abandoned my land by mistake!

You should never expect to be able to reclaim abandoned land.  Please use care to make sure that any abandonment action is intentional.  However, if you do make a mistake, please submit a support case as soon as possible.  Include the parcel location and explain that you would like to reclaim a parcel you abandoned by mistake.  We can attempt to make a one-time courtesy effort to recover the land for you.

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