I want to sell or buy a private region to/from another Resident.

Please note: As of August 1, 2019, region sales prices can no longer be in USD. All sale prices must be listed in Linden$.

Ready to buy or sell a private region? Submit a ticket!

The process of buying a private region from and/or selling a private region to another Resident is known as a transfer. Once both the buyer and seller have agreed upon a price, both must submit a support ticket of the type Land & Region, and choose either Region Sale or Region Purchase from the second drop down.

Please note: The details requested in the Region Sale and Region Purchase tickets must match (with no typos) before the transfer service can be completed.

Please be sure to include the following information in your support tickets:

  • (Buyer and Seller) Name of the region to be transferred
  • (Buyer and Seller) Name of the Resident buying or selling the region.
  • (Buyer and Seller) Linden$ sale price for the region
  • (Buyer and Seller) If the region is grandfathered or bought down, please note if you wish to keep that status. Note: Transfer fees differ for grandfathered and bought down regions. Please see the Transfer Fees section below for more information.
  • (Buyer) If you wish to rename the region, include the requested region name. This is complimentary with the transfer service.
  • (Buyer) If you wish to move the region, include the requested grid coordinates. This is complimentary with the transfer service.

Please allow five (5) to ten (10) business days from the date of ticket submission for a transfer to be completed.

Transfer fees

The transfer fee amount (charged per region) depends upon the type of region being transferred, and whether it will maintain its Grandfathered or Bought Down pricing status, if applicable:

Region TypeTransfer Fee
Full Island (Bought Down or Grandfathered)$300 or L$78,000
Full Island (Non-Bought Down or Grandfathered)$100 or L$26,000
Homestead Island (Bought Down or Grandfathered)$150 or L$39,000
Homestead Island (Non-Bought Down or Grandfathered$100 or L$26,000
Openspace Island$100 or L$26,000
Skill Gaming Island$100 or L$26,000

Please note: Transfer fees are, by default, charged to the seller. It is possible to charge these fees to the buyer; however, this must be specifically expressed in both the Region Purchase and Region Sale tickets.

Feel free to check out our expanded Knowledge Base article here!

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