How do I buy a private region?


There are quite a few options for buying private regions! They can be purchased directly from Linden Lab, or they can be purchased from other region owners.

Note: Residents are not required to have a membership subscription in order to purchase private regions, but some membership levels may be offered perks or discounts from time to time. Please see 'Special Region Purchasing for Premium and Premium Plus Members' below.

Buying from the Land Store

If you wish to buy a region directly from Linden Lab, you can do so from the Land Store. Please be sure to review private region pricing beforehand.

Please noteThe set up fee includes the first month's maintenance fee.

  • Log into
  • Click Buy Land in the black and white menu at the top of your dashboard.
  • Under the Private Islands section, click Learn More.
  • Choose the initial layout for your new region and click Continue. This can be changed and terraformed after creation.
  • Click Choose Full Region or Choose Homestead, depending on which region type you would like to own.
    Please note: A homestead region cannot be purchased without owning at least one full region first.
  • Choose a region name, location, and fill out the "We'd like to get to know you better." section. Click Add to Cart.
  • Choose either "Keep shopping" if you'd like to purchase an additional region, or "Proceed to Checkout" if you are ready.
  • Review your cart and click Place Order.
  • Review your invoice and payment method choice on the Second Life Cashier page. Click Buy Now.

Your region will take a few minutes to be created; however, it will take the map up to 24 hours to update with your new region. For the first 24 hours you can reach the region by specifying it by name directly at the log in page for your viewer, or by teleporting into and walking over from any older, directly bordering regions.

Please note: Skill Gaming, Events Pro, Events Elite, Homesteads for Premium Plus members without a full region, and Openspace regions are not available via the Land Store. Those must be requested via a support ticket of the type Land & Region, and choose Skill Gaming Region Order, Order Events Region, or Order Private Region from the second drop down.

Buying from another Resident


You may wish to organize to purchase a region from another region owner. You can search for full private regions and homesteads for sale in the forums!

Once a sale has been agreed upon, you must submit a support ticket. Please review that process here.

In world groups

You may wish to search for in world groups that advertise for the sale of private regions. As with the forums, once a sale has been agreed upon you must submit a support ticket. Please review that process here.

Special Region Purchasing for Premium and Premium Plus Members

Premium Plus Special Offer
Premium Plus account holders can purchase their first homestead region without owning a full region first. Please note this only applies to the first homestead region. Any additional homesteads will require at least one full region owned first to support them.

To purchase a private region as part of this offer, please create a Support ticket with the following information:

  • Select ticket type Land and Region
  • Under Land and Region, choose Order Private Region
  • Enter your preferred Region Name - please note, region names must be unique and follow the region naming guidelines
  • Enter map coordinates for your new region's location, or relative position in relation to another region, like 'one square north of Fun Region Name'
  • Accept the region fee by clicking the checkbox, then choose what kind of region you'd like to purchase in the next dropdown
  • In the large box, add any further details or questions you might have about your new region.
  • When you're finished, click Submit to send in your request. Our land specialists will contact you when your new region is ready.

Choosing a location for your Private Region

If you need to determine the world map coordinates for a new private region, follow these steps to use the Land Store to look up map coordinates and available world map locations:

  1. Access the Land Store here

    • Important Note: Do not attempt to purchase the region from the Land Store if you wish to take advantage of this Premium Plus offer. (This is only to help you pick a location).

  2. Click Change under Region Location. This will bring up the map.

  3. Use the arrows to navigate the map.

  4. Look for the lighter blue squares — these are the available locations. When hovering over the squares, it will say “available” and will give you the coordinates for that location in an (X,Y) format. 

  5. Make note of these coordinates on your support ticket. You can add the coordinates when you create your ticket to request a region purchase or add the coordinates in a ticket reply if you've already made your request.

  6. If you have any questions, contact Second Life Live Chat or our Support team for help!

For more information, please feel free to check out our expanded Knowledge Base article here!

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