Getting Your Linden Home

Getting your Linden Home

You can acquire a Linden Home when you sign up for a Premium or Premium Plus account, upgrade your basic account to Premium or Premium Plus, or if you already have a Premium or Premium Plus account and have not claimed your Linden Home yet.

Note: Linden Homes are not available for Basic or Plus membership holders, although Plus members may own other mainland parcels.


If you have a Premium or Premium Plus account and you have at least 512m2 available tier then you qualify for an original model Linden Home. For a new Linden Home on the Bellisaria continent, you must have at least 1,024m2 of land allowance (tier) available.

For example, if you have a new Premium account — you've just joined Second Life as a Premium account or upgraded from a basic account — and haven't changed your land usage, then you have exactly 1024m2 or of available tier. You can also use your Premium land allowance (tier) to support land on the mainland that you've purchased from another Resident or through our Land Auctions, if you'd prefer to have more flexibility in the location, style and shape of your land.

Many customers also prefer to rent land on a private estate, which is owned by another Resident and operated independent of the Premium land system on the mainland. For more information about renting private estate land, please see our article on Buying Land at our Knowledge Base. 

Original versions of our Linden Homes are also available in smaller, 512m parcel sizes. These will only use up half of your initial land allowance, but they do still count against your Linden Home limit; each Resident may only own one Linden Home at this time.


KBnote.pngNote: You don't have to use your Premium or Premium Plus account's allotted land tier for a Linden Home.  You can use it instead towards other mainland purchases or you can contribute it to group tier allocations.  Also, if you abandon your Linden Home, you can use your Premium land usage allowance to buy other mainland parcels. 


Checking if you have enough land tier available


If you don't have any land already in Second Life, then you will enough land tier, because each Premium account comes with either 1024m2 of land tier, or 2048m2 of land tier for Premium Plus.  There are two ways to check if you have enough available tier:


  • Inworld: From the Viewer menus, choose World > My land holdings.... Your available land tier is listed in Available for land purchases.
  • Website: If you already own land, then you can also check if you have enough land tier on the Second Life website:
    1. Go to Your Account.
    2. On the left side of the page, click Account Summary.
    3. Find the section called Land Manager
    4. In the Land Use Fees section, look for Available Square Meters

If you do not have enough available tier in this box, you'll receive an error message when you attempt to acquire a Linden Home. You can scroll down to the Update Tier section of the Land Manager page to increase your allowance (at an additional monthly fee) or you may choose to reduce your other land holdings or group donations to free up additional meters for your Linden Home.

Signing up

The Linden Home registration process offers options for theme, home type, and home name. Once you submit your registration, your selected home is immediately generated on the next available parcel within your selected theme. You cannot request a specific region or parcel location.


 New Premium and Premium Plus accounts

  1. Go to
  2. Complete your registration.
  3. Upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus as prompted.
  4. Go to Linden Home registration and log in with your Second Life account and password.

 Existing basic accounts

  1. Go to Premium Membership registration and log in with your Second Life account.
  2. Follow the account upgrade process.
  3. Once your account is upgraded to a Premium or Premium Plus Membership, the page will redirect to Linden Home registration.

 Existing Premium or Premium Plus accounts

  1. Go to Linden Home registration and log in with your Second Life account and password.
  2. View the four themed communities and home options within each theme.
  3. Click on your preferred home image.
  4. Name your home.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box agreeing to them.
  7. Click Accept.
  8. Review your Linden Home information on the confirmation page.
  9. Click Go to your Home or use the SLurl provided.


KBnote.pngNote: Confirmation is sent to the email address you provided to register your Second Life account.



I receive an error message that says my account is past due when I attempt to acquire a Linden Home, but my account isn't past due. What's going on?

Currently, there's a known issue with this error message -- we're sorry for the confusion! When you see this message, it means that you do not have enough available land allowance to acquire a Linden Home at this time. If you're a Premium or Premium Plus customer, you may have donated some land allowance (tier) to a group or you may already own a mainland parcel.

To fix this problem, you can choose to increase your land allowance (which will incur an additional monthly fee) or to free up your land allowance, either by reducing your group tier contribution or by selling (or abandoning) your other mainland parcels. If you'd like help with this, please Contact Support for further assistance.


I didn't receive my email confirmation.

If you didn't receive your email confirmation, be sure to check your email application's spam folder.


It's also possible there has been an error in the email process, and your Linden Home is ready and waiting for you. If your Linden Home is ready, a landmark is sent to you inworld. If there appears to be such a problem, head to the Support Portal and submit a ticket. Identify whether the email did not go through and your home is actually available, or whether there was a problem with the registration process overall.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base articles on Linden Homes and buying different types of land within Second Life:

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Don't see what you need here? Please see our Knowledge Base Article!

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