I need my economic limits raised.

Every account has economic limits in place to facilitate the needs of Second Life residents, while balancing our risk mitigation efforts. Trading limits apply to buying or selling Linden$, as well as Process Credit Requests, and they are calculated on a rolling 30-day basis. You can see your current limits, as well as how much has been used, at any time on your Second Life dashboard at https://accounts.secondlife.com/lindex/economic_limits.

If you would like for your limits to be raised, you can request a review by submitting a support ticket. Please click the Submit A Ticket button on the top right of any page of this support portal. Please submit your ticket under the type Billing, and select LindeX Limits Review from the second drop down. Please be sure to include the name of the account you wish to have reviewed, and if you recall it feel free to go ahead and provide the answer to your Security Question.

Please be aware that a request to raise one's economic limits is not a guarantee that the request will be granted. Several factors will be considered, and these requests may be denied.

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