I can't add my card

If you are receiving an error trying to add your card, please make sure to review our common reasons for credit card failure to make sure you are not running into any of these common reasons.

Additionally, if you are receiving an error when trying to update the payment method you have on file, you will want to make sure the payment method you are updating to is a supported method in Second Life. Here are the accepted currencies and payment methods you can use with Second Life. 

Please be advised that majority of prepaid, reloadable, and/or gift cards are generally not supported for use with Second Life.

If the payment method you are wanting to use is supported by Second Life and you are still experiencing issues, here are some steps to try when adding the card:

  • If you are attempting to add the payment method using a Third-Party Viewer, such as Firestorm, please attempt it in the Official Second Life Viewer
  • Attempt the transaction using an alternate browsing program (i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari).
  • Clear the History, Cookies and Cache of your preferred browser, then attempt the process again.
  • Associate your card with a PayPal or Skrill account.

I have tried those steps, and I am still receiving an error.

If you have not contacted your bank, you may want to contact your bank to make sure there are not any holds preventing you from making online purchases with Second Life. If you are unable to log into your account page to update your payment method information or you are still receiving an error when adding your payment method, please submit a support ticket of the type Billing and choose Real World Payment Method Issues from the second drop down option. 

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