I haven't received my weekly stipend. What should I do?

Premium membership weekly Linden dollar stipends are delivered to active, non-delinquent accounts by the end of the day every Tuesday, beginning the Tuesday after you have signed up. 

The time of day that your stipend arrives may vary from week to week.

Check Your L$ Transaction History

If you believe you have not received your premium membership stipend, please first check your L$ Transaction History on secondlife.com:

  • Log into the Second Life dashboard.
  • On the left hand side under your username, click Account.
  • In the menu that drops down, select L$ Transaction History.
  • This page's date range defaults to one day. You will need to adjust this date to include, at least, the previous Tuesday.
    • Next to the Date Range section, manually type in the date(s) in the format YYYY/MM/DD, or click the calendar icon and select a date. 
    • Click View.
  • In the Filter transaction box, type in Stipend and click Filter.
  • You should see any Stipends deposited into your account for the date range specified.

Linden$ transaction histories are available for the last 30 days for Basic and Plus Membership accounts, and the previous 90 days for Premium and Premium Plus Membership accounts. If you have recently upgraded to Premium or Premium Plus, your 90 day history will begin to build from the date you upgraded, including your last 30 days of Basic or Plus membership transaction histories.

I checked my L$ Transaction History and still haven't received my stipend.

If you have checked your L$ Transaction History and do not see any stipends received by the end of the day on Tuesday (Pacific time), please submit a support ticket of the type Billing and choose Other Billing Issues from the second dropdown. Alternatively, if during support hours of 6 AM SLT/PST and 2 PM SLT/PST, please feel free to visit us in Live Chat!

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