Scripted Agent Estate Access FAQ


What is the deny_bots Region Debug Console setting?

  • deny_bots is a new estate-level flag for denying identified bot accounts access to a region.

  • When deny_bots is ON, all scripted agents that are not explicitly listed in the estate’s Allowed Access list will be denied access to all of the regions within the Estate.

  • Scripted agents that have Estate Manager privileges for an estate will also be able to access regions inside the estate. regardless of the estate's deny_bots setting.
  • When deny_bots is OFF, scripted agents are treated the same as any other avatar with regard to estate access.

How do I set the deny_bots flag on my private estate using the Region Debug Console?

You can use one of two methods to control Scripted Agent access to your private estate -- the Region/Estate > Access tab, or the Region Debug Console. 

To set the deny_bots flag on your private estate through the Region Debug Console:

  • Open the Region Debug window from the menu: Develop > Consoles > Region Debug Console

  • Type into the command line: set deny_bots TRUE

  • To confirm that it worked, type into the command line: get deny_bots

  • If the setting has been correctly applied, the region console will confirm with the reply: Estate setting deny_bots = on

How do I set the deny_bots flag using the Region/Estate window?

In some viewers, the deny_bots flag can be set using the World > Region/Estate > Estate tab interface. Under the Anyone can visit setting, check the box next to Must not be a scripted agent, then click Apply. This will set the deny_bots flag and prevent identified scripted agents from visiting regions in the estate.

At this time, this menu enabled version of the feature is available in the latest version of the official Second Life Viewer.

How do I confirm that my region is obeying the Estate setting for deny_bots?

To confirm that a region setting for deny_bots matches the Estate setting:

  • Open the Region Debug window from the menu item:
    Develop > Consoles > Region Debug Console

  • Type into the command line:

get deny_bots

  • If it returns ‘off’, but the Estate setting is ‘on’, an Estate Owner or Estate Manager can update the setting by typing:
    set deny_bots TRUE

  • If you have attempted to set deny_bots with the region console but the region does not reflect this change, please contact support.

How can I identify if my account is set as a scripted agent?

You can identify your avatar as a “bot” (scripted agent) at this page while logged into the account: Please make sure that any scripted agent accounts that you control are correctly identified as a scripted agent.

Help, I can’t toggle deny_bots on my private estate!

If you get the error message “Estate already allows bot access, no change”, please try restarting the region, and then toggle deny_bots again. If you’re still having trouble after restarting, please contact our support team for assistance.

I correctly set the deny_bots flag, but I think a scripted agent still visited my estate. What should I do?

The deny_bots flag works on identified scripted agents only. If you believe that an avatar is a scripted agent or bot, and they appear on a region in an estate that has deny_bots enabled, the avatar may be a scripted agent that is unidentified. All scripted agents used in Second Life must be identified, and operating a scripted agent without this identification is a violation of the Second Life Bot Policy. Please file an abuse report under the Disturbing the Peace category with the scripted agent's name, where they were seen, and when they were seen there. Accurately identifying scripted agents will help us track more accurate account statistics and inworld search results. Thank you!

I have a lot of regions in my estate! Will setting this option for my estate affect all of my regions?

Residents who have a large number of regions in a single estate may find that the deny_bots setting does not take effect right away (due to the flag updating across many regions at once). Restarting any region that appears to have failed to update the setting should fix the problem. If you have any difficulty with a large estate's settings, please contact our Support team for assistance.

I own all of the land inside a Mainland region. Can I enable the Scripted Agent Access settings there?

Because mainland regions share one estate, it's not possible to enable the scripted agent settings flag for a single mainland region, even if a single Resident owns all of the land inside it. 

Can I use this setting to block scripted agents from my parcel?

Because the Scripted Agents Access flag (deny_bots) is an estate-level setting, it can only be enabled at the estate level, affecting all of the regions inside that estate. At this time, there is no parcel-level setting for controlling scripted agent access. Parcel owners can currently restrict access to their land through the World > About Land > Access tab, which includes access controls like 'Must have payment info on file' or 'Must be 18+' as options.

I operate my own scripted agents in my private estate, but would like to deny access to other people's scripted agents by default. How can I exclude specific scripted agents from being blocked?

As an estate owner or estate manager, you have two options to permit specific scripted agents access to your region while denying other scripted agents automatically:

  • First, you can add the scripted agent to the estate's Always Allowed access list in the World > Region/Estate > Access tab.
  • Alternatively, if appropriate, any scripted agent that has estate manager powers in the estate will bypass the scripted agent access controls automatically. Granting estate manager rights can also be done on the World > Region/Estate > Access menu.

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