Child Avatar FAQ

For more information about policies regarding child avatars and adult activities in Second Life, please see the Second Life Wiki's page Linden Lab Official:Clarification of policy disallowing ageplay.


Q: When will the ‘modesty layer’ requirement begin to be enforced?

A: June 30, 2024

Q: Can the compliance timeline of June 30th, 2024 be changed?

A: At this time, no. However, our Governance Team has been and will be using an educational approach when possible. We realize that not everyone will see the messaging here, on the forums, social media or the TOS, and we will make every effort to spread knowledge about the changes when appropriate.

Q: Does the height or gender of my avatar define it as a child avatar?

A: No. We review many factors from an Abuse Report to come to a final conclusion, and height or gender alone are not grounds for Governance action.

Q: How do you define a child avatar?

A: We are relying on the community to use their best judgment to determine if they are using a child avatar or not. Creating a list of specifications for something like this can be a slippery slope, and we certainly don’t want to give out directions on how to circumvent any policies. If a reasonable person would look at the features of your avatar and consider it underage, we would recommend not engaging in adult activities on that account. Apart from considering the avatar's appearance, the team considers various other factors, such as the purpose for which the avatar is being used.

As mentioned in other Q&As, general physical characteristics that apply to adults as well as children such as avatar height, being of slim or petite build, gender identity (such as non-binary or gender non-conforming), or ethnicity are not sole or intrinsic qualities that might qualify an avatar as a child avatar.

Q: What is the appeal process if my account is suspended/terminated due to this new policy?

A: The appeal process has largely remained unchanged for years. To appeal a decision of suspension or termination against your account, you may file an Abuse Appeals ticket type here. 

Q: Who reviews account appeals?

A: We utilize an internal committee review board method that includes members of staff on the Governance team, and does not include the decision maker for the account action.

Q: Does every abuse appeal get reviewed?

A: Yes, every appeal we receive is reviewed.

Q: Will my account be suspended/terminated just because someone got all their friends to report me for something I didn’t do?

A: No, the amount of reports received may not have a relevant impact on the outcome of an account investigation.

Q: Will Residents be immediately terminated if it is determined they are violating any part of the new policy?

A: Not all violations of the policy will result in an immediate termination. Depending upon the nature and severity of the violation, Governance has a suspension tree that is utilized to make attempts to educate the Resident first. However, if those attempts fail and the behavior is continued, it will result in termination. For the more severe offenses, the immediate action will still be to terminate their access to Second Life.

Q: Is every abuse report for sexualized ageplay reviewed by the Governance team?

A: Yes.

Q: If I report someone for sexualized age play, will you tell me the outcome of the investigation?

A: No, we cannot share any updates on abuse report investigations due to the investigative process that takes place, the depth of information and material that is considered for every case, and maintaining integrity and account privacy as a result of the investigation.

Q: How do I report suspected sexualized age play?

A: See this guide on filing abuse reports. If applicable, quote any chat that supports your report. If you are able to include a screenshot, set daytime lighting (World > Environment > Midday) and center the camera on the activity you are reporting. For any abuse report, please be specific, include time and location, and if possible, a screenshot of the activity being reported.

Q: I reported someone for sexualized age play, and they are still inworld. Why?

A: We investigate every report for sexualized age play and rely on our thorough investigative process to both validate and prove or disprove the allegations submitted. If the evidence and backing investigation do not yield multiple, verifiable points of proof on an allegation, then no action may be taken.

Q: If I have adult furniture/animations in my house in a Moderate rated region, will I need to remove it?

A: No, as long as the policy is abided by. Child avatars should not be engaging or participating in any event or location where nudity and/or sexual activity is present, encouraged and/or expected. To be clear, the presence of adult furniture or animations in content does not grant the expectation of use. Likewise, if you, as a child avatar, are traveling through Moderate rated regions which may have adult furniture but are not engaging with that content, there will not be a presumption of engagement with the adult animations based on your presence.

Q: I already have a child avatar that does not have a built in modesty layer.  Can I still use that since I purchased it already?

A:  No. Going forward, child avatars will be prohibited from being fully nude.

Q: I use an infant or toddler avatar. Am I required to have an upper modesty layer?

A: If your avatar does not have female attributes, the suggestion of female attributes, and does not present as female with regards to the chest, then you do not need an upper modesty layer.

Q: Can I wear a swimsuit as a child avatar?

A. Yes, as long as the swimsuit is General rated and does not accentuate genital areas.

A: As stated above, child avatars cannot engage or participate in the use of adult versions of such content. It may be best to create an outfit with a non-human or non-child human persona to run errands such as shopping, such as any of the default Second Life avatars, robots, et cetera.

Q: If someone is walking through a region wearing exposed genitalia and walks past me (a child avatar), will I be in trouble if someone takes a picture and reports me?

A: No, our investigative process can determine accidental exposure. Again, child avatars should not be engaging or participating in any event or location where nudity and/or sexual activity is present, encouraged and/or expected. The presence of adult content does not warrant the expectation of use.

Q: What if I am hanging out in a Moderate rated region while using a child avatar and someone shows up that is naked?

A: As long as the child presenting Resident is not engaging in adult activities and is not in an area promoting or dedicated to adult activity, then the child presenting Resident will not have action taken against them. Our investigations take context into account, and though we understand that any changes in guidelines can cause concern, please know that our team is careful and thoughtful when reviewing information. As a more direct example, if you are using a child avatar and are shopping or exploring in a Moderate region that is not promoting nudity or sexual activity, and a nude avatar shows up next to you, no action will be taken against you as long as you are not actively engaging in any behavior that sexualizes minors or your child avatar.

Q: Will the Governance team establish or have in world office hours?

A: Yes. However this does not include the discussion of Reports anyone has filed, the outcome of investigations, or potential actions taken. These meetings will take place monthly beginning on May 9, 2024.  Details are available on the Linden Lab Official: User Groups wiki page.

Q: Do you have examples of what the modesty layers should look like?

A: Yes. Please see the images below for two examples of modesty layers using the Senra Blake and Senra Jamie bodies.

A youthful male avatar on a dark gray background, wearing a red modesty layer similar to briefs.

A youthful female avatar on a dark gray background wearing a red modesty layer similar to briefs underwear and a bralette.

Q: If I change out of my child avatar and into an adult one to enter an Adult rated region, but my profile is of a child avatar, will I get in trouble?

A: No, as long as you are in an adult (18+) avatar or non-child avatar when you visit the adult region, you are not violating any of the policies. 

Q: Can we use BOM modesty layers instead of the ones described?

A: Yes, as long as the BOM layer meets all other requirements of the policy. The BOM layer must not have any accentuation or present as any type of anatomy in the area it is intended to cover.

Q: I use a furry/reptile/other non-human under 18 avatar. Do I need to wear modesty layers?

A: If all areas of the body are covered by fur/scales/etc and no genitalia is present, then you do not need modesty layers.

Q: I use an adult avatar and size it down to be a child. Do the modesty layer rules apply to me?

A: Yes, if you are role playing as an infant, child, toddler, or under 18 avatar, these rules do apply to you, regardless of the body and skin you choose to use.

Q: How will this affect consenting adults who utilize adult avatars but affectionately refer to each other using terms such as Papi, Mami, Daddy, Mommy, babygirl, or babyboy, either due to their BDSM dynamic or simply as endearing pet names?

A: We understand that people use all kinds of terms of endearment when referring to someone they have a romantic relationship with. Again, we are specifically looking for someone role playing a child avatar, and in some cases this kind of terminology may be used. If you are an adult avatar, engaging in adult activity as an adult avatar with another adult avatar not role playing as a child, the new policy will have no effect on your activities.

Q: I am very upset about not being able to go into Adult Regions because I love concerts and the majority of them are on Adult rated Regions.

A: You can still visit Adult regions with your account, just not as a child or an under 18 present avatar.

Q: How much should the new modesty layer cover?

A: The images of proposed modesty layers on the FAQ are merely guidelines. The form these take can be up to the content creator and applies to anyone role playing as a child avatar. They should be slim enough to not interfere with worn clothing, yet ample enough to cover the suggested areas on the sample images.

Q:  How do the new child avatar rules change Second Life for the better?

A: These guidelines are being put in place to better protect the child avatar community and to ensure that those communities can not only continue to exist but to thrive in SL.

Q: With the new rules, what is the stance on "kidcore" products?

A: If objects contain adult/sexual animations they cannot be marketed to or for child avatars.

Q: If you truly accept the kid community, then can we expect the trolls terrorizing our community to be dealt with in the same manner as age play abusers?

A: Harassment is a category of its own on abuse reports, and we will continue to take appropriate action on any account reported.  Please refer to this page for guidelines on filing an abuse report in world

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