Second Life Mobile - Private Alpha - General Info FAQ


What is the Second Life Mobile App?

The Second Life app is our early-in-development version of our Second Life Mobile app, currently in a Private Alpha test available to Premium Plus members. The Second Life app brings the richness of the Second Life virtual world to your mobile device. Experience a new level of convenience and engagement in your Second Life adventures, whether you’re at home or on the go.

  • See your avatar & edit appearance by changing outfits 

  • Explore the world via DG, mobile showcase, own favorites (teleport, deep links, TP offers)

  • Interact with the world through a limited set of movements (walk, run, fly, sit, stand) and object interactions (touch, sit) - or park your avatar and explore via flycam.

  • Socialize and stay connected (nearby chat, group chat, IM, group notices, find contacts, inspect profiles)

  • Create and log in with a new account

How can I participate in the Second Life Mobile Private Alpha?

For now, the Private Alpha is only open to Second Life Premium Plus users. We’ll be reviewing applications and adding qualifying Residents to the Private Alpha program on an ongoing basis. Please be patient with us as the demand is high but our staff is small! All Premium Plus subscribers are eligible to participate in the Private Alpha, however we’ll be adding users in small groups over time. Please note that there is a server registration limit and we’ll be adding participants on a first come first served basis. Your patience is appreciated!

Please keep in mind that this is an early Alpha, and more features and functionality will be coming in future versions of the mobile app. This version is not feature complete and will not have many of the abilities and functions of the desktop viewers at this phase of development.

Which devices are supported?

The Second Life mobile app is currently being developed and optimized for both iOS and Android devices. To participate in the Private Alpha, you’ll need either an iOS device (min version: iPhone X running iOS 16.6.1) or a mid-to-high-end Android device (comparable to Pixel 6 or higher) running Android OS 13 or higher.

I have a Premium membership. Can I join the Private Alpha test?

At this time, the Private Alpha test is available only for Premium Plus members. We look forward to expanding our testing group in the future as the project progresses. We currently do not have a date for the next phase of testing or full release, but we'll update the community once the project is ready. Thank you for your understanding and interest!

When will the Second Life Mobile app be available to everyone?

Second Life may have just celebrated our 20th birthday, but it’s still early days for our mobile app. Our mobile team has been hard at work building a mobile-centered design and foundational features so that we can all enjoy Second Life anywhere we want. We’re ready to share what we’ve built so far with our most dedicated residents and we ask for your help as we continue to develop this project through this early Alpha stage, but we do not have a date for the next phase of testing or full release at this time.

I'm a Premium Plus member. How do I join the Mobile Private Alpha?

Thank you for your interest! Premium Plus members are welcome to visit this link for instructions on how to apply to join the Mobile Private Alpha. Testers are added in groups as the Private Alpha expands over time, and we appreciate your patience as our testing group continues to grow. 

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