How long before my support ticket receives a response?

Generally speaking, we strive to provide an initial response to every support ticket within 48-72 hours, but a first response may occasionally take longer than this when holidays or unusual events interfere. We try to avoid providing a specific time frame for support ticket replies because there are many factors that play into the amount of time before receiving an update. The simplest answer is that a support agent will respond to your support ticket as soon as possible -- we know how frustrating it is to have to wait! 

First and foremost, tickets are answered in the order that they are received. However, response times may vary depending on ticket volume, the topic of the support ticket, the complexity of the issue you've contacted us about, and the time or date that a support ticket is submitted. For example, if a ticket is submitted on a U.S. bank holiday, or outside of support hours, you may see a longer than expected wait time before your initial response. In many cases we must verify account ownership before being able to assist, which may add an extra step into the resolution of your issue.  In every case, we sincerely appreciate your patience.

There are some complex support tickets, specifically private region services tickets, that we recommend submitting several days before they are actually needed, as they may take some additional time to process, or to gather necessary information. If your request is time sensitive, please include that information in your ticket, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. These complex tickets include, but are not limited to:

  • Region Purchase and Region Sale (i.e. Region Transfers): 10 business days
  • Openspace/Homestead Conversion: 5 business days

There are also certain support ticket types that are extremely time sensitive, and can expect a response usually within 24 hours of submission:

  • Region Offline
  • Rollback Request
  • Cancel Region

Submitting a support ticket incorrectly under one of these types will not garner a faster response. These will continue to be answered in the order they are received.

Is there anything I can do to get help faster?

For many questions and issues, we have live support agent assistance available during our operating hours that may be able to assist with your issue. While complex issues and problems with accounts are often best suited to a ticket resolution, questions and quick requests can often be handled right away.

For live support agent assistance:

  • Questions about Billing issues such as membership charges, past due balances, or financial transactions can be answered on our Billing phone line:
    • Toll-Free (US/Canada): 800.294.1067

      Long-Distance: 703.286.6277

    • Our Billing team is available from 9am-5pm EST (6 am to 2 pm PST), Monday through Friday.

  • Premium, Premium Plus and Concierge accounts are eligible to use live chat support during our operating hours of 9am-5pm Eastern (6 am-2 pm Pacific) every day.

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