Plus Membership FAQ


What is a Plus membership?

A Second Life Plus membership is our initial subscription membership option, designed for those who are just starting out (or who just want to keep things simple!). Plus offers several key benefits over a free Basic membership at a more affordable price point than a full Premium membership subscription. It's a flexible option for those on a budget or those who'd like to try out a membership subscription to see if they like it.

What benefits are included with a Plus membership?

Plus membership includes the benefits that Basic members have and also the following:

  • The ability to own mainland, with 512m of land allowance included with the membership
  • A weekly L$ stipend of L$150
  • An increased number of groups (50, instead of 42 for Basic members)
  • A wider selection of technical ticket types available through Customer Support for non-account and Billing issues

Is there a complete list of L$ fees for Plus members?

By default, all Second Life members (including Basic accounts and Plus accounts) may pay small L$ fees for certain inworld services such as uploading textures and mesh assets, creating groups, and creating events. The L$ fees for these inworld services are outlined in our Knowledge Base on the pages associated with the service itself, but here are a few of the more common services and their respective L$ cost that apply to Plus and Basic members:

  • Uploading textures, sounds, and animations: L$10 per item
  • Creating a new group: L$100 per group
  • Uploading a 3D mesh asset: L$ cost varies by model complexity
  • Creating an inworld event: L$10 per event

How much do Plus memberships cost?

Plus memberships cost $5.99 USD per month or $65.99 USD per year.

Can I get a Linden Home with a Plus membership?

No, but you can acquire your own mainland parcel by purchasing a land parcel from other Residents or taking part in Second Life Land Auctions. On the mainland, you're free to design your own home style and to decorate as you wish, without theme restrictions.

What about offline instant messages or special sandboxes?

Plus members receive the standard number of stored offline instant messages (15) between login sessions, and they have access to the standard public sandboxes available to all members. For more about sandboxes, see our Building Tips KB page.

How do I change my existing membership to a Plus subscription?

To change an existing Premium or Premium Plus membership to the Plus level, please visit the Account Dashboard at and choose Change Membership. Changes to your membership level will take effect on your next renewal date. If you have questions about your membership options, please contact our Support team for assistance.

What new Support options does a Plus subscription offer?

Plus members can access a wider selection of support ticket options for technical issues, advanced questions, and more by signing in to their Plus-level account at and creating a ticket from the available options.

How do weekly L$ stipends work for Plus members?

Plus members receive a L$150 grant (stipend) each week during their membership. Weekly stipends for Plus members are sent out on Tuesday mornings (US Pacific time) at the same time as they are for Plus and Premium Plus members. Please see our KnowledgeBase article Premium Membership - Weekly Linden dollar rewards for more specific information about stipend scheduling and further details.

How many objects can I have on a 512m parcel? Can I have a house?

Standard mainland parcels that are 512m in size can hold 175 objects' worth of land impact object capacity -- these can be classic 'primitive' objects, mesh, or any combination of the two. How much a parcel can hold is based on how big it is and whether or not the person who owns the parcel also has other land parcels in the same region -- land owned by the same person or group in the same region will share object capacity, so if you'd like more objects on your parcel, you can gain more capacity by acquiring more land in the same region.

A 512m parcel can definitely hold a house, but be sure that your chosen house will fit your parcel's shape. Some parcels might be narrow and long or irregular, so it's good to measure before you buy or check out a demo if one is  available! 

Can I get an Experience with a Plus membership?

No, Plus members do not receive an Experience Key. Standard Premium members receive one Experience Key, and Premium Plus members receive two. For more information about experiences, please see our Knowledge Base article Experiences in Second Life.

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