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What is the L$ for Land Beta program?

The L$ for Land beta program is the trial of a system to allow Residents who own private regions to pay for their region’s maintenance fees in Linden Dollars (L$) instead of using the automated US Dollar billing system. During this beta program, participation is limited to one region per eligible Resident. The L$ for Land program is launching on March 6, 2023, and is planned to run for at least six months until September 6, 2023. Residents interested in participating in the trial of this system must be Premium Plus subscribers who own at least one private region. Please see our blog post for more information.

Why pay L$ for land?

This feature has been requested by Residents for some time, primarily for the convenience of being able to use the Linden Dollars (L$) that they earn and receive in-world to directly pay for their region maintenance fees without having to sell their L$ on the Linden Exchange (LindeX) first. Private region fees paid directly in L$ through this program are the same each month, allowing Residents to plan in advance how much they’ll need to have ready for their bill without having to account for the fluctuating prices of the LindeX. 

Signing Up

Who can sign up?

At this time, the L$ for Land beta trial is available for Premium Plus membership subscribers who own a private region.

How do I sign up?

First, please make sure that your account is a Premium Plus subscriber who currently owns a private region. It's also a good idea to visit the Account Dashboard page at SecondLife.com to ensure that your email address is valid and verified

To sign up for the L$ for Land beta program:
  • Next, visit our Support Portal to create a support ticket while logged in as your Premium Plus member account.
  • From the top menu bar of the Account Dashboard at SecondLife.com, click Help.
  • On the right hand side of the Second Life Help page, click Submit a Support Case.
  • Click Submit a Support Ticket from the center of the Support Portal site.
  • For the Issue Type, select Premium Plus.
  • For the Land & Region Issues dropdown, select L$ Payments for Land.
  • Enter the name of the region you’d like to enroll in the trial program. If you have any questions about the process, you’re welcome to ask them in the ‘Please describe the issue’ box, too.
  • Click Submit.

A Customer Support Linden will confirm your request and set your region up to enter the L$ payment system. When your region’s setup process is complete, the Support team will notify you through your support ticket (by email) and will provide you with the information you need to access the Land Payments region to pay your maintenance fees at the payment kiosk.

Can I pay for more than one of my regions in L$?

At this time, the beta program is limited to one private region per Resident participating.

How long will this beta trial last?

Presently, the L$ for Land trial program is set to run for at least six months through September 6, 2023. This date may change, so please be sure that your account has a valid, up to date email address so we can contact you with further details if necessary. Any changes to the program's trial length and its eventual end date will be updated when the end date is determined.

Pricing & Payments

How much does it cost in L$ per month?

Current region maintenance fees are billed in L$ as shown below:

Region Type

Price US$

Price L$

Event Elite



Event Pro 30k



Event Pro



Full 30k



Grandfathered Full 30k






Grandfathered Full






Grandfathered Homestead



How do I pay for my region using L$?

Once you've been setup for the program by Customer Support, you can pay for your private region maintenance fees by visiting the payment kiosk office at the Land Payments region.

To pay for your region fees with L$:
  1. Teleport to the Land Payments region inside Second Life.
  2. Enter the payments office.
  3. Click on an available rental kiosk to open the scripted menu system.
    • There are several kiosks in the office, and all will accept payments. Choose one that does not have the KIOSK IN USE message above the kiosk object.
  4. At the kiosk's script prompt, click Pay Rent.
    • Please wait for the next scripted prompt; it may take a moment to appear.
  5. At the next prompt, click the button with name of your region to continue.
    • The kiosk will begin to update to your rental settings; please wait for the next prompt to continue.
  6. When the kiosk is ready, a script prompt will appear. Right-click the kiosk and choose Pay to continue.
  7. In the viewer's Pay menu, you will see a button with your rental amount in L$. Click the amount to complete your payment.
    • If you do not have enough L$ to complete payment, a viewer menu to purchase more L$ from the LindeX will appear. You can also choose to click Cancel and return at a future time to finish your rental payment.

Can I pay for my Skill Gaming Region’s maintenance fees in L$?

At this time, Skill Gaming Regions are not eligible for the L$ for Land program.

Does Second Life charge my avatar the region fee in L$ automatically?

No, your avatar is not charged automatically for your region maintenance fees. To pay for your fees, please visit the Land Payments region and use the payments kiosk to pay for your region. You can pay for up to two months at a time (the current month and the forthcoming month). If you believe you’ll have difficulty logging in to pay your region fees, please contact our Support team for assistance to ensure there’s no interruption in your region’s operation.

Can I use my Premium Plus land allowance towards the cost of my private region?

While this is a frequently requested feature, private region land and mainland parcels use a completely separate billing system. It’s not possible at this time to use the complimentary land allowance meters included with a Premium or Premium Plus membership for a private region. However, weekly membership stipends of L$ may of course be used towards region fees, just as any other L$ can.

Can other people help pay my region fee with L$?

Other Residents are free to send L$ to your account to assist with paying for your region's maintenance, but at this time only the region owner can make payments through the kiosk system.

Will my region’s renewal date stay the same?

Yes. Your region maintenance fees will be due on the same day as it was when it billed through our automated billing system. Please be sure to visit the Land Payments region on or before your region’s due date to pay the fee collection kiosk.

Troubleshooting & Special Circumstances

What happens if I’m late paying my region fee?

Linden Lab’s Customer Support department will reach out to you through a Support Ticket sent to your email address on file. Please be sure that the email address on your account is up to date and valid so you don’t miss any important communications. You’ll also receive an automated reminder message in-world via the kiosk payment system.

There is a 30-day delinquency grace period which is designed to give Residents an opportunity to straighten out any billing problems or to make arrangements for their fees. After this 30-day period, if the balance due is not paid for, the region will be taken offline, removed from the L$ for Land system, and the USD maintenance fee for the last 30 days of region operation will be added to the owner’s account. Please note that accounts that are more than 30 days past due with a balance are prevented from logging in to Second Life until their balance due is settled, so it’s best to contact Second Life Customer Support as soon as possible when there is an issue with a payment.

If you would like assistance in paying your bill or in making arrangements for your regions or account, please contact our Customer Support team and we’d be happy to help.

What happens if I can’t log in to pay my private region maintenance fees?

If you believe you’ll have difficulty logging in to pay your region fees, please contact our Support team for assistance to ensure there’s no interruption in your region’s operation. Our agents may be able to assist you with the transaction, provided your avatar has sufficient L$ to pay the fee. Otherwise, you may need to purchase the L$ on the SecondLife.com website in order to complete the transaction. If you are completely unable to log in or use the website, please let us know as soon as possible so our Support specialists can assist you with your specific difficulties.

If I want to go back to paying USD for my maintenance fees, how do I do that?

Please contact our Support team for assistance with withdrawing your private region from the L$ for Land system. Once you've withdrawn from the initial trial (March 6-at least September 6, 2023), you may not be able rejoin during the trial period. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Support team.

Can I pay for more than one month of maintenance in advance? (Prepay)

At this time, the system is set to permit payments of up to two months of region maintenance at a time — the current month, and the forthcoming month.


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