Building Problems: Unlinking Objects with Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're having difficulty using the unlink keyboard shortcut (CTRL-Shift-L) to remove a link between two objects in Second Life, you may have a conflict with another piece of software that is preventing the keyboard shortcut from functioning correctly.


  • You can successfully unlink objects using the Build > Unlink menu option
  • You cannot use Control-Shift-L as a keyboard shortcut to unlink objects
  • You are currently using an AMD Radeon graphics card on a Windows PC

AMD currently installs an assistive program called AMD Relive with their graphics cards on most PCs; this program uses the keyboard shortcut Control-Shift-L to toggle performance logging on or off. Because it's meant to run in the background and respond when AMD customers are using other programs (like games), it will respond to the keyboard shortcut even if you're using another program, like Second Life.

How to Resolve

  • Option 1: Disable AMD Relive completely
    • If you're not using AMD Relive, and do not need it to be running, you can disable the program. This will stop it from using the keyboard shortcut, which will allow you to use Control-Shift-L once more without issue.
    • Please see instructions for disabling AMD Relive on AMD's support site:
  • Option 2: In AMD Relive's settings, disable the CTRL-Shift-L shortcut (Toggle Performance Logging Hotkey)
    • This setting should be in the Performance Monitoring section of AMD Relive's settings:
      • Gaming > Global Settings > Performance Monitoring > Toggle Performance Logging Hotkey
    • To remove the shortcut, click Toggle Performance Logging Hotkey
    • When asked to enter your hotkey, press your Delete key
      • Please be sure not to hit Backspace, Escape, the back arrow, etc -- it must be the Delete key
      • If successful, your Toggle Performance Logging Hotkey box should show None after you've pressed Delete.
    • Alternatively, you can choose a different selection of keys to use instead of Control-Shift-L; AMD Relive should then use your selected keyboard shortcut, freeing Control-Shift-L to be used by Second Life.

If you have any other concerns or questions, or if these steps do not resolve your issue, please Contact Support for further assistance. 

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