Intermittent Login Trouble

We are aware that some Residents have experienced intermittent connectivity and login issues, with higher rates of issues in certain regions of Europe (but not limited to these areas alone). In most cases Resident’s receive a “Despite Our Best Efforts” error message when the connection fails.

Although the issue appears to be regretfully outside of our reach to resolve, we recommend trying a few basic network troubleshooting tips that may help: 

  • Restart your computer, router, and wifi access point (if applicable)
  • Temporarily changing your DNS provider to an alternative such as Cloudflare's or Google's Public DNS, or clearing your DNS cache using /ipconfig flush
  • Some residents have reported success in using virtual private networks (VPNs) as well, as these can route around network problems which might cause connection errors. 
  • Your Internet Service Provider may also have some guidance on changes to your connection.

For more tips please visit the Second Life Login Failure & Login Problems page for more info. We’ll continue to investigate and update this page as we gather more information.

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