Marketplace Search Improvements

Marketplace Search

We've recently made some changes to improve the way Marketplace search functions behind the scenes and to give Residents more powerful methods to search for the items they wish to purchase. To do this, we have added the following functions to search:

  • Merchant and store names won’t be included in product-specific searches anymore

  • The use of quotation marks will provide an exact search result

  • You can do asterisk(*) wildcard searches

  • Fuzzy matching will help with misspelled words and typos

  • Search operators AND, OR, NOT will still work as before (please note that they must be capitalized).

As an example, if you're interested in blue jeans that fit a Maitreya body, you can search for jeans AND Maitreya to see results for jeans that also have the word Maitreya in their description. This search won't show results that don't include the word Maitreya because of the use of the AND option.

If you know the exact name (or part of the exact name) of an item, you can also place quotation marks around that name to get exact, specific results.. For example, if I know the product name is Pink Fluffy Elephants .01 then searching for “Pink Fluffy Elephants .01” will bring up only items that have that exact product name in the listing.

For more information on why we made these changes, you can see our blog post; We’re Improving Marketplace Search

If you are experiencing issues with the new search, the web team has asked that users submit a bug report so that the reported issues can be investigated. 

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