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Unreceived and accidentally discarded items

Has it been more than 24 hours since you ordered? If so, contact the merchant, explain what happened, and politely request redelivery of the item. If it has been less than 24 hours, please be patient and check again later. If the merchant doesn't respond, you can submit a support case requesting redelivery. Make sure to include the order number and the exact name of the undelivered item(s).

Note: If an item purchased on the Marketplace using PayPal or a credit card is not successfully delivered to you, the credit or debit will not appear in your transaction history, and the merchant will have no record of the purchase. Simply try to purchase the item again.

If you accidentally discard an item, contact the merchant, explain what happened, and politely request redelivery of the item. Often the merchant will understand and redeliver, especially if the item in question isn't  "no-copy." Unfortunately, Marketplace deliveries, unlike items sent manually from another avatar, are completely discarded and can't be retrieved from the Trash.

Writing a review

To write a review for an item you bought:

  1. Open your order history.
  2. Click Review Product in the order description for the item.
  3. Select the number of stars you want to give to that item, give your review a title, and write your review.
  4. Click Post your review.

Tips for writing relevant and helpful reviews can be found at Writing Item Reviews on the Marketplace.

Flagging an item on the Marketplace

If you find merchandise on the Marketplace that you think is in violation of the Marketplace listing policies, please flag it for review by customer support. To flag an item:

  • View the listing.
  • Click Flag this item on the right.
  • In the Reason for Flag dropdown, select your reason for flagging the item.
  • In the Detailed Reason dropdown, select a more detailed reason.
  • Click Flag to flag the item.

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