Tips For Filing an Abuse Report

Abuse reports are an important part of Second Life -- they are often the start of an investigation for the Governance team. We want all Residents to have a safe and fun time in Second Life; however, sometimes Residents may encounter an abuse related issue. As abuse can and should only be reported using the in world reporting system, submitting a good abuse report can make a difference! Here we would like to provide some tips on how to ensure you are filing an abuse report most efficiently.

What to put in each category of the report

Abuser Name

Try to ensure this is the name of the person you want to report. If you do not know their name, you can also use Governor Linden.

Location of Abuse

This should always be the location where it happened, and this category auto fills based on where you are filing from. If you are not able to be in the region where the abuse is happening, you should put the region name in the details portion.


This can just be a brief explanation, sort of like how you would name the title of a book to reflect what the book is going to be about.


Use only facts about what you experienced. Who was involved, what exactly happened, and where it took place. Be brief but accurate.


This should include the incident that is happening. For example, if it was something said in chat, you should be sure to include the chat window in the screenshot. If it is someone griefing, try and make sure the griefing is included in the screenshot.

Some Considerations

We ask that all Residents please keep in mind that, as abuse reports are just the start of an investigation for the Governance team, nothing submitted in a report is accepted as fact. It is all subject to review. Additionally, having friends all file a report on the same issue does not ensure that action will be taken on your report, nor does it ensure that your report gets seen sooner than any others.

For more detailed information on Abuse Reports, please see our Knowledge Base article!

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