My region is being griefed!

My space is being griefed, what do I do?

If you are in an area that is experiencing griefing, please file an Abuse Report. 

How to file an abuse report

To file an abuse report, do any of the following:

  1. Choose Help > Report Abuse from the menus at the top of your Viewer window.

  2. To directly report another Resident, right-click their avatar and choose Report. 

  3. To directly report an object, right-click the object and select Manage > Report Abuse.

The REPORT ABUSE window opens, displaying a snapshot of what is onscreen at that moment and the relevant identifying information if you selected an avatar or object.

  1. If the snapshot helps clarify the issue, check Use this screenshot. Screenshots can be very helpful visual evidence; include them whenever appropriate.

  2. If the report is about an avatar or object , click theabuse btn1.jpg button to fill in the relevant information automatically.

  3. Click Select category and choose a category. If you don't see a category for the particular incident you're reporting, use Select Category > Other and explain in the Details field.

  4. The Location of Abuse field is filled in automatically with your current location. Change to specify a different location.

  5. In the Summary field, write a concise, one-line summary, much like an email subject line. Be brief yet precise.

  6. Use the Details field to give as much pertinent information as possible to help Linden Lab assess the incident.

  7. Click Report Abuse to submit the abuse report.

If you don't know the offender's name, choose "Governor Linden" as a placeholder and explain in the report details.

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