A sandbox is a parcel of land which has been put aside for building practice. Much like real sandboxes and conceptual sandbox games, these are spaces of creativity and chaos. Several sandboxes exist for specific purposes — such as the Weapons Testing Sandbox — but the majority are simply for regular building.

Signs within each sandbox area make it clear what kind of activities are allowed there. Sandboxes usually have auto return enabled to clean themselves several times a day; look for auto-clean info before building, so you aren't caught by surprise. Since sandboxes are experimental, they may also be unstable — be sure to regularly take inventory backups of anything that's important.

Public Linden-owned sandboxes

These full-region sandboxes are owned by Linden Lab:

There are also these partial-region sandboxes, smaller than the above but still useful if you're nearby:

Public Resident-owned sandboxes

The following sandboxes are Resident-owned and may have additional features and restrictions. You can find many by using Search's All tab and searching for "sandbox".

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