Tips for recovering lost inventory items

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If an item mysteriously disappears from your inventory, use the the procedures below to locate it.

  • Click the Inventory inventory_button.png button on the toolbar and select the RECENT tab. Items returned since last log off will be stored here.
  • Clear the Second Life Viewer's cache. 
  • Search for the item by entering its name in the Filter Inventory field of the INVENTORY window.
  • Search the Lost And Found folder.
  • Search the Trash folder.
  • Search folders listed at the top of the INVENTORY window.
  • Your filter settings may be hiding some of your invneotry items. To reset them, click the Gear  icon at the bottom left of the INVENTORY window and choose Reset Filters.

Please be aware that it may take a few attempts for this solution to work. If you are unsuccessful the first time, try the above steps again. If, after multiple attempts, your inventory is still not loading, please review this page:

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