Submitting a Support Ticket

Submitting a Support Ticket in our new Support Portal is easier than ever!

Before you submit a Support Ticket, be sure to check the Status Blog to make sure the problem you are experiencing isn't a system-wide one.

You may also wish to search the Solutions Center or the Knowledge Base for answers. Our Knowledge Base articles are always kept up to date, and many of our Residents are extremely knowledgeable on a variety of topics.

  • Please visit our new Support Portal and, if possible, log in with your Second Life username and password.
  • Next, of the three (3) icons located under the main search bar, select Submit A Support Ticket. Alternately, on the top right you may also choose Submit A Ticket.
  • Please choose the Issue Type that most closely corresponds to your issue. We certainly understand that not all issues may fit into only one or one specific type!
  • Depending on the Issue Type, other fields may pop up. Please fill out the remaining fields as concisely, but with as much detail, as possible.
  • Click Submit!
  • You will immediately be redirected to the ticket view, where you can see the ticket's details, as well as any responses that have been added by yourself and/or our Second Life agent(s).

How long will it take for my Support Ticket to receive a response?

Tickets are answered in the order they are received. Response time may vary depending on volume and topic; however, an agent will be sure to respond as soon as possible!

How will I know when someone has responded to my Support Ticket?

Thankfully, our new Second Life Support system will still send out an email notification containing your ticket's response!  Of course, as long as you have the ability to log in, you can always check back on your tickets on our Support Portal by selecting My Tickets at the top right.

Please note: You may wish to adjust if you are viewing "Open or Pending" tickets, "Resolved or Closed" tickets, or "All Tickets." This can be adjusted on top left of the the My Tickets page in the Support Portal.

How can I reply to my Support Ticket?

You have two options when responding to your support ticket:

  1. Reply to the email notification regarding your Support Ticket.
  2. Reply within the ticket view for you Support Ticket in the Support Portal.

Don't see what you need here? Please visit our Knowledge Base for a more comprehensive list of Support topics!

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