Common LindeX Issues

I bought Linden dollars but my balance hasn't updated

If you bought Linden Dollars (L$) through the LindeX, they should show up in your balance more or less instantly. If they don't appear after a reasonable wait time, something may be wrong.

As a first step, you may want to check the Second Life Blog to see if we're already aware of the problem and working to fix it. Chances are good that if it's something that affects a large number of Residents, we're already on it.

If it looks like a problem that only affects you, then open a support case.

I'd like to make a Limit Buy, but I only see Market Buy (Instant Buy) as an option.

By default, accounts are set up with a "basic" view of the Linden Exchange. The basic view enables the Market Buy option, as many customers find this most convenient. To enable Market Buying and Selling, you can update your settings as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the circle next to Advanced (displays all market information)
  3. Click Submit.
  4. The Buy L$ link on the left column will now lead to a page displaying the Limit Buy options in addition to the Instant Buy (Market Buy) options.

I was not charged what I expected when I bought Linden dollars

The rates quoted on the LindeX are approximate estimates, and not a guarantee of an exact transaction amount.

When a market order is placed, the order is filled with the lowest-priced L$ available at the time the order is placed. The market is very active, so an order seen as available might be gone by the time you place a new order.

If you'd like to purchase L$ at a specific price, consider placing a limit order.

I can't buy anything on the LindeX because of billing and trading limits

See Billing and Trading Limits to check your limits and ensure that your difficulties are actually related to your billing and trading limits. Your level will be highlighted if you're logged in.

If this does appear to be the difficulty, you may request a review of your account to increase your limits by submitting a support case:

  1. Under What type of problem are you having? select Billing.
  2. Under Billing, select LindeX Billing and Trading Limits Review Reqest.
  3. Fill out the remaining fields as instructed, then click Submit.

We'll review your request and get back to you within five business days.

I can't tell how many Linden dollars I have; it just says "Loading"

Don't panic! If you just logged in and your L$ amount, shown in the upper-right corner of the screen, says "Loading", it just means your L$ balance hasn't been loaded yet and will eventually appear. Sometimes, this is due to server issues, when we're experiencing heavy load and the data can't be retrieved quickly.

Remember, while you wait inworld, you can also check your Linden Dollar balance on the Your Account section of the website.

Note: This is different from your balance unexpectedly appearing as "L$0", which does in fact mean that all your L$ are gone. To prevent such an unfortunate incident from happening, please familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service.


If you have waited five full minutes and your L$ balance still reads as "Loading", you can try the following tricks to try to force your balance to appear:

  • Teleport to another Region.
  • Log out of Second Life, and then log back in, preferably in a different Region. Giving the viewer a second chance to load your information often resolves the problem.
  • Ask a friend to pay you L$1. If you're really nice, give it back afterward!
  • Try bulk uploading a single image, sound, or animation. Make sure only to try to upload one item! Each attempt costs you L$10.

Obviously we don't expect you to spend large sums of Linden dollars in order to find out how many you have; if your problem persists, you should file a help ticket via our Support Portal.

Is it possible to view transactions older than 30 days?

If you are a Premium or Premium Plus subscriber, you can view your Linden dollar (L$) transactions up to 90 days; however, it is not currently possible to view Linden dollar (L$) transactions older than 30 days for accounts with a Basic or Plus membership. You can download all transactions available on your Linden dollar transactions page as an Excel spreadsheet for later reference. To download your transaction history:

  1. Go to
  2. In the Date Range field, choose choose a range that starts at the earliest possible date
  3. Click the View button
  4. View your transactions or download them in CSV, XML, or XLS format.

I have sold Linden dollars. How do I transfer my money out of Second Life?

You may choose to withdraw your US dollar balance via PayPal or Skrill. To process a credit transfer, go to Process Credit.  For more information about your options and limitations, see Account Balance.

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